Fungal Rash That Appears Mostly In Summer. Pityriasis Vesicolor.

Less than 1% of us will have pityriasis vesicolor but it’s worth letting our readers know that it appears mostly during summer months in United Kingdom.

Pityriasis vesicolor is a fungal infection of the skin that is common in healthy teenagers and young people because the conditions that favours the infection are warm, humid environments, excessive sweating, wearing occlusive clothing and poor diet which are common attributes in young people.

Pityriasis vesicolor usually cause patches of skin to change to varying colours like red, pink brown or almost white. Often appears in the oily rich area of the skin like the upper  trunk, arms, neck & the tummy. 

Pityriasis vesicolor is not contagious. One will certainly need treatment for it to resolve as treatment is highly effective but need to be repeated as it can reoccur. Your GP can diagnose pityriasis vesicolor and commence treatment following a consultation. For concerns about pityriasis vesicolor or you are not sure what you have on your skin, you can book a video consultation with our private GP.

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