MAT B1 Certification

Everything You Need to Know About MAT B1 Certification

The MAT B1 certification, also known as the Maternity Certificate, is an important piece of documentation that confirms a woman’s pregnancy and expected due date. This document is required for collecting maternity benefits from employers, such as Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and Maternity Allowance (MA). We will go deeper into the MAT B1 certification in this article, knowing its significance, when and how to obtain it, and the rewards it entitles you to.

What is the MAT B1 Certification?

This certificate is an official document that certifies a woman’s pregnancy and expected due date. It acts as proof for various maternity benefits available in the United Kingdom, such as SMP and MA. It is a vital piece of paper that needs to be filled in and signed by a doctor or midwife.

Obtaining the MAT B1 certification

To acquire the form or certificate, you need to be at least 20 weeks into your pregnancy. The form cannot be issued more than 20 weeks before your estimated due date. Your midwife or doctor should provide you with the form during a routine antenatal appointment around or shortly after the 20-week mark. However, some women might need to remind their healthcare providers to provide the form promptly.

Eligibility and Application for SMP

SMP is available to women who have been regularly employed for at least 26 weeks before to their due date. Furthermore, the applicant must earn at least £120 per week gross (before tax). It form is a crucial element of SMP application, and it must be provided to the employer at least 28 days before the intended start of the maternity pay. The employer, in turn, must respond within 28 days, stating the amount of SMP and its start and end dates.

Maternity Allowance (MA) and the MAT B1 certification

For women who do not qualify for SMP, Maternity Allowance becomes an option. MA is a benefit provided by Jobcentre Plus and is available to self-employed women, those recently employed, or those ineligible for SMP. To apply for MA, one must be at least 26 weeks pregnant and fill in the MA1 claim form, which can be completed online or printed and mailed to the designated address.

Additional Benefits of the MAT B1 Certification

Apart from maternity pay and allowance, the form also holds significance in obtaining priority seats on trains and claiming free prescriptions and dental treatment. However, for free prescriptions and dental treatment, the Maternity Exemption Certificate is a better option and can be applied for as soon as pregnancy is confirmed.

Keep a Copy of the MAT B1 certification

It is advisable to make at least one copy of the form and keep it in a safe place to avoid any inconvenience in case the original is lost. Losing the form can lead to delays in processing the maternity pay application.

Duration of Maternity Pay

Both SMP and MA are paid for up to 39 weeks. Depending on individual circumstances, women can opt to start receiving payments from as early as 11 weeks before their due date.

Verifying Pregnancy and Due Date

At the heart of its significance, the MAT B1 certification serves as official documentation that verifies a woman’s pregnancy and estimated due date. The validation provided by a healthcare professional through this form is crucial in ensuring that expectant mothers receive the care and support they require during pregnancy and childbirth.

Access to Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)

For many working women, taking time off during pregnancy and after childbirth can cause financial strain. The MAT B1 certification plays a pivotal role in accessing Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) from employers. By presenting this form to their employers, women can claim a certain percentage of their regular pay while on maternity leave. This financial assistance ensures that women can focus on their health, well-being, and bonding with their newborns without worrying about income loss.

Maternity Allowance (MA) for Various Circumstances

While SMP is available to employed women meeting specific criteria, the MAT B1 certification opens up other avenues for maternity benefits through Maternity Allowance (MA). This allowance caters to self-employed women, those recently employed, or those not eligible for SMP. By providing evidence of their pregnancy through the MAT B1 certification, women can secure the financial assistance they need to navigate the challenges of pregnancy without the burden of financial stress.

Access to Essential Benefits:

This certification also extends its benefits beyond the realm of maternity pay. By possessing this document, expectant mothers can gain access to priority seating on trains and claim free prescriptions and dental treatment during their pregnancy. These additional benefits aim to ease the physical and financial strain that pregnancy can bring, ensuring that women receive the care and support they need to maintain their health and well-being:


  1. Encouraging Prenatal Care and Check-ups

The requirement to obtain the MAT B1 certification at 20 weeks into pregnancy indirectly promotes regular prenatal care and check-ups. Women need to attend antenatal appointments to receive the form from their healthcare providers. These check-ups are vital for monitoring the health of both the mother and the developing fetus, enabling early detection and intervention for any potential health concerns.

  1. Empowerment through Knowledge

This certificate or form empowers women with knowledge about their rights and benefits during pregnancy. By being aware of the financial support available to them, women can make informed decisions about their maternity leave, plan their finances, and focus on the well-being of themselves and their unborn child.

  1. Facilitating Communication with Employers

The form also acts as a communication tool between pregnant employees and their employers. By providing the form within the required timeframe, women initiate the process of arranging maternity leave and pay with their employers. This ensures a smoother transition during the maternity period, allowing both parties to plan and prepare for the temporary absence from work.


  1. Recognizing the Value of Motherhood

The availability and recognition of the form underscore the importance society places on supporting expectant mothers during this significant phase of life. By providing financial assistance and essential benefits, the form reflects a collective acknowledgment of the vital role mothers play in nurturing the future generation.


The MAT B1 certification is a critical document for expectant mothers in the UK, as it enables them to claim statutory maternity pay from their employers or maternity allowance from Jobcentre Plus. Acquired at 20 weeks into the pregnancy, the form serves as official proof of pregnancy and expected due date. Women should promptly provide this form to their employers while applying for SMP and ensure they keep a copy for their records. For those not eligible for SMP, Maternity Allowance is an alternative option. With this form in hand, women can confidently apply for the maternity benefits they are entitled to during this significant phase of their lives.

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