Let’s Talk About Dementia – How To Live With It!

Living with dementia brings uncountable challenges, making life harder. Certainly, it’s like a roller coaster ride if you or your loved one is diagnosed with it. They could be suffering from any type of dementia like, Alzheimer disease, Vascular dementia or Mixed dementia and dementia with Lewy body – all make life a daily struggle. But, you are not alone, there are over 800, 000 people currently living with Dementia and the government has challenged itself to make more people live well with Dementia. There are more Dementia Friendly Communities (DFC) been created regularly to support families and carers of people living with Dementia.

Early diagnosis is essential so if you have any concerns see your doctor early. Consultdoc is here if you need support & advice privately from a General Practitioner. The service was established to create an innovative way of consulting a GP easily. I understand the helplessness of those diagnosed with dementia, as no cure had yet been discovered, but there are still a lot we can do to living a better life. We can suggest support groups that are local to you and write on your behalf to social services for extra support.

But fear not, research is undergoing along with various guides that help in understanding how dementia works, its treatments and support resources. The first step in treating dementia is to identify the symptoms. If you or your beloved is feeling sad, lost, fearful, angry or alone for most of the time, then it’s important that you consult with a GP. I know it’s frightening to deal with the diagnosis of dementia, but it doesn’t end here. It’s really important to get the information and support even after diagnosis. Trust me, it makes the difference, making you feel at peace. Talking to support groups can aid in removing doubts and fears while simplifying things. I know it’s good to have reassurance especially at the end of the tunnel. Find local and online support services near you, bear in mind, there is a growing community of people that are living with dementia – breaking the rules and living their lives to the fullest. Get hold of your life and start living again, but with dementia.

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