National Obesity Awareness Week 10-16 January 2022 – Consultdoc Emphasises The Benefits Of A Single Step Towards Weight Loss.

Hello, it is the National Obesity Awareness Week 10-16 January 2022 and I want to encourage and advice you that every little step you take in loosing and maintaining a healthy body weight is important no matter how small.

The benefits can include:

  1. A big reduction in risk of dying from illnesses such as COVID-19, diabetes or cancer.
  2. A reduction in blood pressure if you have hypertension and less risk of having the long-term effect from hypertension such as stroke and kidney problems.
  3. You will also benefit from a reduced risk of diabetes and have less accumulation of bad fat in the body which can have a long-term detrimental effect on your health.
  4. You will improve the function of your lungs so you can recover quickly after a cold or chest infection like COVID-19.
  5. If you are a couple you will have improved fertility and a higher chance of conceiving as soon as you start trying for a baby.
  6. You will have strong healthy bones and reduced problems with back pain and joint pains.
  7. You will also have an improved sleep pattern, so you are able to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.

It is worthwhile and beneficial to take your first step today as the overall benefit of a single step you take towards losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight is quite enormous but obviously you will need to try to make the first step and get the support of everyone including your family and friends.

So, make sure you start and maintain it now. You can record your achievement and share them with everyone. You can register here for personalised healthcare from us and consult online with any of our doctors about weight management. We are unable to prescribe any long term medications for weight management but we can refer anyone to specialist weight management service if deemed necessary by the clinician. You can read the Department of Health Your weight, Your health booklet for more information.

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