Sound and effective health advice

As the old adage goes by “health is wealth.” Taking it into account, several strategies and golden advice is required to be followed by individuals to ensure a healthy and steady lifestyle. The first and foremost is to have three course meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Regulation of the timings of these meals is inevitable as well. The breakfast should be taken no later than 9 am in the morning, lunch not later than 4pm, and dinner not later than 9pm at night.

A strong emphasis on doing a regular walk and exercise is also essential. Early morning walk especially is extremely useful for the heart, lungs and other body organs. Doing exercise regularly relaxes and stretches the muscles of the body and ensures a smooth blood circulation. Engaging in routine walk and other muscular exercises like yoga ensures smooth functioning of the body.

In addition, taking a sound balanced diet comprising vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron all together ensure a sound and a healthy body mechanism. A diet of a healthy person should comprise whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and effective protein. Avoiding an unhealthy diet comprising saturated fat is also required for ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Intake of vitamin especially from an increased exposure to sunlight is indispensable for a healthy individual.

Avoiding smoking is also required to ensure a healthy body, heart and mind. Smoking is injurious to health and deteriorates the effective functioning of lungs and heart of a human body.

Challenging one’s mind by engaging in creative and innovative tasks and activities each day is essential for human mind’s growth. It helps one to self-actualize and hence gives an opportunity of growth, which consequently leads to positive and sound health.

Meditating once a day for at least thirty minutes is soothing, relaxing for human mind and body. It achieves peace of mind, which is important for attaining a healthy and steady body and mind.

There are several benefits of seeking an online medical advice from doctors from wherever one is at either at the comfort of one’s home or office. These benefits include no specific territory or boundary restriction to seek medical advice. You will not have to bother about his or her geographical location to consult a doctor. Consultdoc provide the private service that aid your consultation with a General Practitioner. Moreover, an online medical advice brings together patient from either home or office close to the doctor through an online medical portal.

This allows patients to discuss their medical problems with the doctor online rather than dressing up, driving to a doctor’s surgery or clinic. There is no such need to be on the queue on the phone to your doctors in the morning just to book an appointment when you can easily use Consultdoc to book an appointment with a private GP online at a convenient time for you. Patients also feel secure and comfortable discussing their problems online and the element of shame and embarrassment is not much involved in it.

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