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Ten Steps To Managing Nosebleed At Home

  1. If you do have a regular repeated nosebleed, it is quite important to know how to manage this on your own at home.
  2. So, when this occur, the first thing you need to do is to use your thumb and index finger to apply a small pressure on the soft part of your nose to try to stop the bleeding.
  3. You should try to lean forward to avoid the blood from going back through your nose.
  4. Sometimes it is always best if you do have an ice pack in the house, you can wrap it up in a towel and apply it on the bridge of your nose.
  5. Do this for ten to fifteen minutes, most of the time the bleeding stops.
  6. Sometimes if you have an episode of heavy bleeding that these measures doesn’t control it, it is very important to seek access to the emergency services.
  7. Call 999 if bleeding is much and you feel faint and dizzy or if you are stable, you may be able to go through this through NHS 111.
  8. But if the bleeding is controlled, you can get advice on managing further nosebleed by booking an appointment with us online at Consultdoc.
  9. Consultdoc doctors can advise you and can even prescribe a topical medication that you can apply through your nostrils to prevent bleeding from happening again.
  10. But one thing you can do will be to learn and manage this at home. So, it’s important to get further advice after a nosebleed.
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